Arcadia—experiments in radical hospitality



Project Statement

“Do you not see how everything conspires together to make this place a heavenly dwelling? Do you not see the grass,

how in color they excel the emeralds?” 

Lope de Vega, 1598

An Idyl up to the roof of our mouths, and then some. Honey: both a tender, and a viscous secretion. How fast the frictions to make the sweet gold. Arcadia: an unreachable. Only nymphs know how much fat, in the earth of the utopia. A dirt from which euphoria sprouts. The roofs of mouths, qui interpelle interpelle interpelle. Tu me parles d’épuisement, d’usure et de chaleurs - mais ici une cuillerée de plénitude.

Arcadia is a radical hospitality project, focused on creating sites of temporary utopias, abundance and play. Each iteration offers elaborate meals with a focus on seasonal ingredients, sustainability and a unique list of natural wines and artisanal liquors.  Arcadia combines the dining experience with performative gestures, poetics, music and decadent floral installations. Inviting guests to deconstruct dining tradition into a unique experience of care, sharing and exchange.

We strive to make our events accesible while offering the highest quality of ingredients and pleasures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for bookings, collaborations or comments.

                                                                                                                                     A labor of love, Brooklyn, NY

Arcadia is Marie Ségolène & Stephanie Tasker.

Our Friends


Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, all our events are put on hold. Stay tuned for more information on our future collaborations, fundraisers and sales. 


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